Birds Club

Welcome to the club, dear travellers, migratory birds, frequent flyers, weekenders and kings of the air let our packages give you wings! We look forward to putting together a tailor-made travel offer just for you!
Get ready to enjoy the perfect nest for your stay in Hard on Lake Constance!

Whether youíre on a short break or travelling for business, come and visit us in the Rhine Delta nature reserve for a moment of peace and tranquillity, and recharge your batteries for your next destination in a special and unique manner…


For birdwatching you’ll get free of charge binoculars from Swarovski!


The App

The Hotel am See BirdsClub app is the easiest and most stylish way to keep track of bird-watching activities in Hard, on Lake Constance. No matter the season, or time of day, the BirdsClub app knows the best bird-watching locations around Lake Constance in the Rhine Delta.

Bird-watching locations and access from the Hotel am See are shown clearly on the map, ensuring you always have a direct overview handy. It also makes it a lot easier to search for bird-watching locations. The individual bird species are illustrated, described and can even be listened to via sound files, enabling much better recognition.

The Packages